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"Keep It Cool" Towel

Active Style Dancewear

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"Keep It Cool" Towel
"Keep It Cool" Towel
"Keep It Cool" Towel
"Keep It Cool" Towel

"Keep It Cool" towels are a must have for dancers and all sports people alike as they instantly cool you down.

Wear your super cool towel around your neck or head to keep your temperature down.

Made from a light gauze material they keep you ultra cool once activated.

Machine washable - use it over & over again.

Available in 3 colours: pink, light blue & dark blue

Size is approx 75cm x 30cm


How to activate your cool towel - 

1. Wet your towel, any temp water is fine,

2. Wring out your towel to remove excess water and,

3. Hold your towel & flick it about 6 times - your towel is now activated!


*Lightweight, gauze fabric;

*Chemical free;

*Machine washable;

*Use again & again;

*Comes in a reusable pouch.

*Wear it different ways

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