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Jazz Shoes (Second Hand)

Tan Jazz Shoes (Girl's size 1.5) - Second Hand


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Second Hand Tan Jazz Shoes
Second Hand Tan Jazz Shoes
These second hand slip-on jazz shoes in tan in size 1.5 feature a leather upper with neoprene bridge to hug the arch.
The shoe also features a HIGH DENSITY EVA split-sole.
These budget jazz shoes are not only a fabulous price but are a great shoe for the once a week dancer, the beginner dancer, or the school dancer. They are in very good, used condition. 
Size 1.5 - approx 17cm insole measurement
Photos of the shoes form part of their description and the shoes are sold "as is".
Please note that the measurements of the shoes are approximations taken when the shoe is fully stretched, the measurements do not take into account the foot width of the individual and therefore is merely a guideline and not a guarantee to fit.  It also does not take into account personal preference and desired growing room.

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