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Pointe Shoe Toe Tape

Active Style Dancewear

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Pointe Shoe Toe Tape

Our Pointe Shoe Toe Tape is white, breathable, easy to peel, a genuine Steroplast product as used by many dancers and athletes worldwide.
The tape provides lasting support with highly durable adhesive that doesn't leave a highly sticky residue behind.

Size size is approx  2.5CM x10M

May be worn with or instead of our Silicone Pointe Shoe Toe Pads

Toe taping can have many benefits:

Prevent Blisters: If there are spots in the shoe that tend to rub against a particular toe or part of the foot, taping may prevent a blister from forming where there is friction and moisture.

Straighten Toes: Tape may be used to straighten toes that have a tendency to overlap or curl inside the shoe.

Relieve Pain: Taping toes or bunions may relieve pain in these joints.

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